Flower Delivery in Lisburn


Welcome to our online shop. If you can’t find what your looking for or something in your price range give us a ring and we will be happy to work round your budget.

All white coffin spray

From £130

Pink & white rose coffin spray


Small funeral tribute spray

From £35

White elegant bouquet

From £35

Yellow and pink wreath

From £40

Red and white wreath

From £40

Blue and white wreath

From £35

Pillow with dart board


Teddy bear


Double open heart


Funeral letters and numbers

From £40

Sold out

Xmas open heart

From £45

Grave spikes

From £4

Mini hearts


Open hearts

From £45

Fresh grave/funeral posies

From £20

Lily bouquet

From £35

Orange and white wreath with ribbon trim


Open heart yellow and purple

From £45


From £35

MUM tribute letters

From £135

Closed heart

From £30

Autumn wreath

From £45

Metal grave pot lid


Autumn coffin spray

From £100

Baby blue and white closed heart

From £25

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